Carpal tunnel syndrome

I got carpal tunnel syndrome this year. I do not know why.
I think because arthritis run in my family and these conditions are closely connected but doctor tells me its not possible with arthritis until you are old. Only old people has it.
So many nights I wake up and no sensation in my arm only pins and needles I hate it. I have to shake my arm several minutes.
I had it in winter and now when cold came back because its winter again I got it again. Nothing like this while it was warm and I dont know if its connected ?
Sometimes pain too in my hand or when its cold I feel inside my hand like it has swallowed ice like cold moves into my arm and cause some pain there. How to fix it please ?

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  • Carpal tunnel syndrome can be managed well even at home,you mentioned something about cold causing the symptoms to appear so I think you should try using a heat pad which has been proven to be very effective for carpal tunnel syndrome

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  • OP please read about it online. It’s not just caused by repetitive motions and you may not have to have surgery.

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  • It happens, I used to think I had carpel tunnel syndrome when I worked in technical support/customer service, and had to sit at a desk listening to complaints, and typing on a keyboard all day.

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  • I had CTS as well. You can get a wrist support brace thing at Walmart or probably online. It’s for carpal tunnel. If you catch it early it may be enough. Wear it every night. I do. Mine went away. Good luck! Read about it online.

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  • There are non-surgical fixes.

    It occurred due to improper repetitive motions without proper exercise and stretching.

    If its a mild case; then proper physical therapy and changing the motion you were doing will eliminate it.

    You really need to learn to exercise properly, and how to do motions in your job; or change to another job without that motion.

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    • I do no repetitive motions

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      • We all do repetitive motions in our daily activities, and the position that we hold our hands and wrist while doing things can matter greatly.

        I suggest you work with a good physical therapist who has a lot of experience working with carpel tunnel.

        Of course, people with smaller than normal carpel tunnels can be affected temporarily by hormonal changes (pregnancy is a somewhat common issue with some females) and other medical issues. Those are usually short term and limited duration.

        The dominant long term cause is improper positioning and repetitive motion which causes inflammation which pinches the nerves.

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  • The only way to fix it is surgery which today is very simple and done as outpatient. You could have gotten it by a lot of typing or also by resting with your wrist behind your head when you watch tv. It doesn’t go away in warm weather but you feel it less.

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