Carbohydrates make me uncomfortable

Eating some garbage at McDonalds or popcorn, and I’ll feel somewhat uncomfortable/unpleasant for hours. Making it harder to focus on school work, think clearly and be in a decent mood.

Is this normal for others too?

Why do you gorge yourself with shitty food three times a day if you feel similar to me?

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  • You probably mean refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates break down quickly into the body as energy, causing blood sugar to dramatically rise and crash. It's good you don't like this type of food because refined carbs have the nutritional value of cardboard. I feel similarly to you. I avoid refined carbs, processed or fast foods, added sugars and artificial sweeteners etc.

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  • Why do you answer your own question then proceed to ask it.


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  • I think this is pretty common. I definitely feel like crap when I eat junk food, too. I've gotten to where I almost never crave it anymore and don't keep it around the house much.

    I've also noticed that people who pretty much live off of junk food are always tired and achy, pessimistic, and can't focus. I think the reason they keep eating that way is because those types of foods tend to be oddly addicting, and many people I know with diets like that tend to be excessively picky eaters who refuse to eat whole foods or basically anything that isn't fast food/TV dinner/snack food. They also typically drink tons of soda and/or energy drinks. Their diets are very sugar, sodium and carb-heavy.

    It's honestly a good thing you don't enjoy that type of food enough to keep eating it (though having it as a treat is fine, like you said, gorging on it is massively unhealthy), as you'll treat your body better and therefore feel better!

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  • Whatever I eat doesn't affect me

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