Cant scream in my dreams

I tried to kick my bed to block the doorway but it did help, I tried screaming but all that came out was blubbering sounds, no matter how much I tried I could not scream ! as a person I am not scared of to much of anything, but this nightmare shook me to my core ! I had an impression of bold headed shapes, I laid in bed I was awake but wasn't awake. When I finely did wake up my head hurts and still does as I write this.
can anyone help my understand this ?

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  • It was a nightmare, it will be okay :) x

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  • It happens. I think we all have those. Feel in danger in your dream, but nothing comes out of your mouth..No screams for help, no pain.. Nothing. Scary, but you forget about it after waking up.

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  • I think it was a nightmare. When I'm really scared in a dream I can't scream - no sound comes out.

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  • Most people are paralyzed when they're sleeping, but some of what you're describing sounds like night terrors.

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