Cant have sex because i pity the women

Im a 20 year old man. Im a tough guy. I did MMA for 5 years. Im a strong minded person. I go after what i want. Thats why when i see a women i pity her. Wemen cant defend themselves, they have to live in fear. They can be raped or killed anytime. Me on the other hand, when im talking on the street i feel powerful, like no one is going to be stupid enough to try to fight me. And when it comes to sex, i pity wemen even more, they literally have to be vulnerable (to be penetrated). Because of this i dont want to have sex. I feel the urge to have sex but feel very bad for the women. When i think of the wemen in my life im always worried about them. I got scared to death one day when my mom didnt came home for 5 hours, didnt answered her phone. I literally had a panic attack. Coudnt breath properly. Wtf is wrong with me?

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  • I think you have to understand that most women actually like feeling weak and vulnerable. Why do you think women practically always choose to have taller and stronger boyfriends? It's because they want to feel protected by a man who can be tough and scary on the outside but also soft and sensitive on the inside. If you think sex is violent or hurting a woman by her being in a weaker position, try to adjust your view of shouldn't be about only one person but about both people getting pleasure. Forget about porn that's brainwashing you and focus on taking care of a woman, listening to her, making gentle and passionate love to her, making her feel like she needs you in her life.

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  • I think becoming gay is your only option then. If you feel bad for women for the idea of having sex with them you probably need to learn how to do sex properly also.

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  • My dear friend, you are pretending to be something you are not!

    If as you say, you were in prison for 5 years (which I doubt because you would have been 15 years old when you went in and children are not sent to prison but rather homes) then you would not feel sorry for anyone.

    The fact that you woman are vulnerable because they are penetrated during sex tells me that you have been penetrated by a Man and did not really like it!

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  • She could carry a gun. A few bullets would probably Change your mind

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  • Err no. There are women fighters and pro lifters. You can weight train without getting bulky as a woman. I don't speak for everyone and I realize that. I carry bear spray too though.

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  • I'll tell you WTF's wrong with you, you can't spell...wemen is spelled women and just one female is a woman. Maybe you should have someone punch you in the face a few more times. BTW all I ever see you MMA guys do is lay on the floor and hug each other until one of you falls asleep it the other guys arms, tough guy.

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  • Grow a pair cos if I seen you n you called me vunruble I'd tap you out within 2 minutes:) maybe your looking at the wrong girls aha

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  • What you need to do is find a women that would help change your perspective, the may help. Right now you have classified all women as defenceless and weak, which of course is not true. Yes many women wouldn't be able to fight you, but from the sounds of it, there are just as many guys who would lose as well. What you have to do is try to look at women differently, I'm not saying wanting to protect them is a bad thing, but just realize not all women are defenceless. Maybe watch a shit ton of badass women like Jessie Graff, or Ronda Rousey on youtube. Or go out and meet some women like that in real life.
    As for the sex thing, i don't know, maybe have her try cowgirl more. That way you feel like she has more control of the situation. idk.
    Anyways i hope this helps. Good luck out there and remember not all women are damsels in distress, some are the knights in shining armour.

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  • You have perhaps the most serious case of nice guy that I've seen on this website. It will make you miserable if you stay this delusional. Read "No More Mr. Nice Guy", find it online for free somewhere.

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