Canned dog food smells delicious to me. Is that normal?

Every time I open a can of dog food, I am enamoured by the smell. It smells delicious. Is this a normal reaction? I haven't brought myself to try any...yet.

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  • Its food. Its supposed to smell good, genius.

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  • it almost smells like dog shit to me. and now that i have said it starts to make a lot of sense. i cam picture you eating it now. haha ha .

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  • Guess some of it does. My older sister had a feline who required expensive, wet food, and, told me several times she "loved how it smelled" to the point of sometimes microwaving the empty container just to get her kitchen smelling like it. She even joked a few times about "if it weren't so expensive, I'd spread it on my body".

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  • Meaty.

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  • Get stuck in.

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