Can you have a good personality without a sense of humor

The issue is everybody focuses on dating someone with an “awesome personality” that I get confused.

Personality as in “nice guy who is honest and asks how you’re doing on a bad day?” Or personality as in “funny, extroverted, goofball who is the life of the party?”

If it’s the latter (#2) that’s not a good sign of priorities straight. I’ve never seen a couple divorce because they weren’t funny or witty. But do people divorce due to disloyalty or selfishness? Plenty

I honestly believe good looks and humor are the same in the sense that you get attracted to someone based on that, but it doesn’t keep you in a good relationship unless you have a kind heart. Most comedians get divorced so apparently humor isn’t everything.

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  • I believe so you can.

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  • Being funny helps but is not essential to be a good partner, everyone has their own strengths. I agree with you that it’s like being conventionally attractive.

    Some people are also funny in their own way or are unintentionally funny. For instance I don’t consider my father to be a typical “hilarious person” but I once heard my mother tell him,

    “I could never get bored of you, you make so many puns.”

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  • Sure, but a combination of the 2 would be best. I equate a good sense of humor with depth and intelligence. Simply being a nice guy doesn’t really mean anything, it’s just a baseline.

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  • Goody two shoes people are boring.

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    • And good marriage material.

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  • Doubtful.

    On the flip side, I have a good sense of humour and a bad personality 🥴

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  • No.

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