Can you get mad at things that happen early in relationship

This is more of a should I be mad. Me and my girlfriend have been together for a year now when we started talking we started slow hooking up hanging out not technically dating but pretty much. After about a month or 2 we got in a fight kinda split up for a week but ended up getting back together. I didn’t find this out until now but during that week she went to a bar with some work friends got really drunk and one of the guys there ended up eating her out and fucking her in her front seat of her car parked on the side of a target. She claims that he kind of took advantage of her but she drove him back to his car which was only across the street from the bar but then went from the driver seat to the passenger seat and was getting Eatin out and then fucked. It was about a year ago we were broken up for the week and had only been talking for a month or 2 but should I be mad?

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  • Well, the Target parking lot really is a romantic place.

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  • "We were broken up for the week"
    No you shouldn't be mad.
    Get over it.

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  • Nigga obviously it shows you what this hoe is like. She a loophole hoe. If you really mattered to her the way she did to you then she wouldn't be spreading her nasty labia for some other nigga.
    I feel you allowed to be fuming.
    Yo lil loophole hoe will be the cause of many more heartaches with dat mindset she got. Git yoself a real woman and leave these dumb, young hoes.
    Fahreal. That's what's up

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  • "WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!!" - Ross Geller

    Seriously, though, I can understand why you would be upset. That being said, it was years ago, you were broken up at the time, and she felt guilty enough to tell you about it. If you are upset about it, don't let it be a hang up in your relationship. Grudges will destroy a relationship. Overall, just talk to her about it.

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  • You were broken up. You can dislike what happened but you can't be mad about it.

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  • You say you were "hooking up hanging out not technically dating" for a couple of months and then you "kinda split up". I'm really old and totally out of touch with the rules of dating for you young whippersnappers, but how you describe the relationship makes it sound very kinda, sorta, maybe vague.

    If you're in a relationship that is that tenuous and you break up (as much as you can break up with someone you're not really together with in the first place), then I don't see how you can be too upset that she felt free to mess around with another guy one time when she was under the influence. Maybe what you're really annoyed about is the fact that she didn't sit in her darkened bedroom listening to emo music, eating ice cream by the tub and crying over how she'd lost you?

    What I believe you should be thinking about is why she chose to tell you about this incident. Is it a ploy to try to make you feel jealous? Is she trying to figure out what rules you want to apply to your relationship now? Or is she someone who believes in honesty and total disclosure in a relationship, and she's told you this now in order to make sure there are no landmines waiting to blow up at some point in the future when you've both more invested in the relationship? If it's the last, then it seems to me that her telling you this is a sign of her emotional maturity and a positive thing.

    You should also be asking yourself how important she is to you, and whether you have the emotional maturity to accept what happened and put it behind you.

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  • She a loophole ho

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  • If she wont fuck me on day 1 shes not worth my time

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