Can you eat grass as replacement for leafy greens?

Can you blend up a little handful and put it in your meal everyday as a replacement for other green vegetables if you are trying to have a cheap, healthy balanced diet?

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  • Lawn Grass ? Nah.
    Wheat Grass, Dandelion Greens, Chickweed, Bamboo, and Cattails ? Ya.

    On Facebook (here we use VK), you can join local foraging groups to see what native edible plants are in your area, how your neighbors cook them, and most importantly what to avoid (poisonous or hazardous plants)

    Foraging and mushroom hunting is really popular as a hobby around here, good and fun way to meet people and get outdoors too.
    Right in time for spring

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    • I was gonna say this. It’s amazing how we’re taught to eradicate “weeds” that are actually edible and quite nutritious.

      The plantain grass is everywhere in North America. It’s referred to as the white mans foot print bc the seeds were stuck to English people boots and flourished. Comparable to spinach in nutrients but if you eat too much you might shit ya breeches. Lol.

      My son has been eating dandelions out of the yard. Lol.

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    • How do you eat a Cattail? I had no clue those things were even edible.

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  • I took the hit, and chewed on some grass from my garden.
    It was full of cellulose, and was nearly impossible to chew. My mouth got stained greeny-brown, from the plant enzymes, and the taste remained for the rest of the day.
    I think I used 12 times more energy to digest that grass, than I got from it.
    Bottom line: No.

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  • It's probably full of pesticides.

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  • Wheat grass. No lawn grass. Pesticide.

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  • The human body is unable to digest grass

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  • You can eat Lemongrass.

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  • Like your lawn? No. Even the bag of seeds to sow a lawn tell you not to feed it to livestock. There are plenty of edible plants out there, but typical lawn is not something humans can digest. It takes four stomachs for a cow to digest that shit. It is likely to just give you diarrhea.

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  • i mean you CAN...

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