Can you break a bone and it not hurt?

I put a 16 bottle case of water on the counter (about 17 pounds). It fell from the counter and landed on top of my foot. It hurt when it happened, but not since. A little swollen? I did not even ice it.

Many bruises, however. I walked 3.1 miles afterwards, without pain.

Could I have broken a bone with no pain?

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  • Bold of you to assume everyone has bones....not everyone is privileged like you.

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  • Depending on the injury and the location of the bone, as well as what you call pain. I broke three ribs and it was uncomfortable to do certain activities and even breath but it didn't "hurt" except the initial impact. However they were more just cracked not moved out of alignment. Also had a broken ankle hurt like anything to walk on it but didn't really hurt when I wasn't using it.

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  • It will probably cause some discomfort, but I've broken my big toe and the whole side of my dominant hand that I know of. You get over it as if nothing happened, depending of course.

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  • Besides shock. No not really. Your supposed to feel damage in your body, pain is very useful in that regard.

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  • When I was in my early teens and broke my collarbone falling from a horse, I never felt any pain, however, I also suffered from a concussion and only remember bits and pieces of that night. I never felt any pain afterwards, either. I guess I was complaining of shoulder pain on the ground, but don't remember that.

    I also stubbed a toe so badly I broke it, but that did hurt terribly, swelled and bruised, and hurt to walk on.

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  • I broke my hand once in a fight and I knew right away something was wrong with it but it didnt start hurting bad for about 30 minutes.

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  • When I broke my ring finger, it didn't hurt initially. It only started to hurt 30 to 40 minutes after it occured.

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  • my boss fell 12 feet in the dark he got up and dusted himself off

    his handheld vhf was broken but aside from that he was fine

    about a week later he said his shin had been hurtin since the fall so they sent him for an xray

    his shin was broken (or maybe cracked) and hed been walkin around on it for days

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  • I fractured a heel without knowing it. It wasn't until I was walking on in it for 3 days, slowly grinding it down that it hurt bad enough for me to get an x-ray. I don't know how the doctor could tell when the break occurred but I know nothing about medicine

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