Can too much masturbation cause ED

I started masturbating at a young age. It quickly became a daily habit. I started when I was about 12-13. Now a 24 year old, I find it hard to stay hard without engaging in actual sex. If I'm down on a girl doing my thing I can get hard but its hard to maintain unless its constantly active. I can get hard but find it hard to stay hard without actual intercourse. (This has nothing to do with my sexuality, I can admit at times I can have homosexual tendencies but I am very much attracted to women so please don't account it to that)

Could over masturbation be a cause of this? Is it almost like being desensitized? If I tried to masturbate less would I be able to "resensitize" myself?
Has any other male experienced this kind of thing before, and how did they fix it?

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  • luckiest man in the world.

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  • As you described it, it sounds normal to me and I would not call it ED. It is just natural that erection will subside during the periods when the penis is not being stimulated. The older we get, the more natural it is that the penis will not stay hard without any physical stimulation forever (or for hours:)

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