Can't wait to get my omicron shot

The news said something now I'm scared. I want the fear to go away.

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  • They have not even started to develop a vaccine for Omicron yet; and its unknown at this point if existing vaccines will be effective or not.

    It's also unknown how significant Omicron is. It apparently spreads fast... but, is it worse of better than Alpha (which the Vaccines were developed for), worse of better than Delta (which the Alpha vaccines are generally effective against)?

    We don't know a lot about Omicron yet... I suspect in 2-3 months we will know a lot more.

    My immediate strategy does not change... I'm not planning any foreign travel (and certainly not to southern Africa) and I tend to avoid large crowds.

    Depending on what is found out about Omicron in the future. I might have to adjust things. But, there is too many unknowns at this point.

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  • Just another excuse for government to take away our freedom and our humanity which has been what this pandemic has mostly been about since the beginning. I stopped worrying about the virus a long time ago. It’s our manipulative government and our weak culture that we should be worrying about.

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  • Covid is like the flu in that we will be taking yearly shots for various strains that keep cropping up. Some of you will die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

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  • I don't. I've had 2 shots that's enough for me, but i'll see what I do later on when it's time. I'm starting to feel there's something seriously shady with how whenever things are somewhat calm a new wave of covid comes out of nowhere that is so extremely dangerous that no vaccine will work and we have to start planning for yet another one....
    I don't care about covid much anymore. I used to be super anxious everyday as I have a tendency to be a little hypochondriac but it feels overplayed at this point. Is it just going to go on and on forever? Are we never going to be able to live a normal life again? I can't bother thinking like that anymore and just let life pass by, and vaccines are great but I see no positives to keep getting injection after injection....

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  • Actually the virus is very real and deadly. You should get 3 more boosters and new vaccine or you will kill my dying grandma. Please give poor big pharma money 💰

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  • I don't want to get it, camCon shot

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  • HAHA

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  • Ha-ha

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  • Ya ever wakeuo just feeling racist?

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