Can someone please recommend me some music?

I hate music. I only like game music or music wich is extremely energetic, wich makes you feel like a hero or like living in a completely alien and liminal place .
But even the few songs i like seem to not interest me anymore.
I hate lyrics cuz they sound like annoying noice. Well, all music sounds like noise for me but lyrics make my experience worst. I feel numb and mildly annoyed and 0 joy.
I just don't feel anything when listening to music, especially when the songs name and theme and what it is made of is made to express an emotion.
Regardless of what i have said please still try to come up with something wich is not so different from what i said but wich you know that you can enjoy.
And also ecplain to me what are you feeling when listening to music. I mean is in it that makes you happy or calm or wanting to dance.

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  • If you want some serious music, listen to classical. Start with Mozart and work up to Bach. It's life changing.

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  • Outside of what I rock to.

    Here's some video game music I listen to:

    Shinobi Reverse
    Starlight Carnival
    Tropical Resort
    Max Man
    Go Straight
    Rainbow Road
    Coconut Mall
    Green Hill

    And lots more!

    Some of them might sound boring because I'm a big fan of the Streets Of Rage franchise and a big fan of Mario with a slight of Sonic The Hedgehog.

    I was gonna recommend some Yakuza 0 soundtracks but you mention that you don't like songs with lyrics.

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  • List of music that might suit your tastes:

    Dance with the Dead

    Borderlands 3's soundtrack

    Skáld (Has lyrics, but they are not English.)



    Subtronics (I specifically recommend the song Puzzle Box.)

    Certain songs from Timmy Trumpet might do good for you.

    You *might* like Mystery Skulls.

    The Living Tombstone has video game inspired songs.

    Try looking into the electro swing genre.

    Lindsey Stirling

    (These last two might not be for you but they're talented.)

    The Hu


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    • As for how I feel when listening ti music: It generally just makes me happy. I use it as a way to put myself in a better mood overall.

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  • I like the Skyrizi commercial. The Rybelsus one too. Very catchy. Me and my boyfriend liked to sing along. Ozempic. Dupixent is one of my favorites!

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  • Preschool tea party massacre
    Nine inch nails
    Marilyn Manson

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    Pull Marine : Isabelle Adjani

    This is what I listen to when I'm depressed and I want to dive deeper in my depression. Lol

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  • Try Ambient, New Age music or chill Electronic music.
    The link below is sample of various artists and songs.

    Also try: Deep Forest

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  • beastie boys put out two completely instrumental funk albums that sound nothin like their usual

    the in sound from way out
    the mix up

    rickys theme is onea the funkiest tracks ive ever heard and makes me feel like im on drugs even though i dont do drugs

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  • Hank Williams III - Six pack of beer

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