Can our addictions be messed up?

How can it be messed up? Will it depend on the kinds of addiction people have?

What would make it messed up?

Can this be a normal thing for people to have messed up addictions?

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  • Well if you’re addicted to meth I’d say that’s pretty messed up

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  • A lot of people are addicted to the internet, and addicted to their phones.

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    • I use the internet like it should... as a tool. Not as an appendage. When camping or going to places with no phones I suffer from zero withdraw.

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  • What about those addicted to tobacco. I think the cigarettes and that shit, they stink, they cause massive deaths, health problems, expensive. Not one good thing to say about them except i dont use them. They may not cause teeth to rot out, but lungs, and so many people have lost their voice, and body parts.
    The people that criticize others for using drugs, the tobacco industry is the largest sanctioned drug dealers in the world. But no one seems to openly criticize them and what they do.

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