Can opposites really attract?

I have no idea what I am doing with my life, shy, introvert. Everyone seems to be hanging out at the pub etc.
I do go but not often and when I do it's hard for me with all the people. Sometimes I wish I was loud and bursting through the doors.

I have started online dating because I don't really get out to meet people always been to shy to join clubs etc.. then this guy starts coming into my work, no attraction at all at first didn't even find him hot, but that's all changed usually I find someone really hot at first, not him, now everything about him is playing in my mind. Yet I know it'll never happen but it got me thinking... even if he did ask me out he would never like me because I don't go to the pub and I shy away from things because he is loud and always at the pub.
2. To meet new people I'm going to have to join clubs... not pubs.. clubs and they will probably be clubs that all the saps go to like myself and I can't see me being attracted to them to be honest. As for the online dating I can't even see their personality much. I never ever thought I'd be attracted to this guy but just everything about him wows me now, what if it never comes again?
I find it hard being confident about not going to the pub much.

So will anyone loud and fiery ever like someone like me?

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  • Have you played with magnets

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  • i don't know about lovers but my best friend and I are exact opposites. I'm kinda popular like I'm friends with everyone, I'm an extroverted loud and obnoxious naive piece of shit and i love partying every single night while she is everything I am not. She is an introverted quite and incredibly shy smart girl that would rather stay home all day either alone, or with me only. But out of all of the friends i have, she is the only one i can feel free and comfortable with, in other words i love her a lot and we've been besties for 5 years now.

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  • I'm white and I love brown girls but idk if the opposite is true.

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  • My wife is shy and im not

    I met her after we accidently made eye contact and smiled i can still remember that scenario so real

    Try it ;)

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  • I think you should be yourself. Ever think that you're not interested in the bars because it's just not your thing but you're trying to force yourself to be something you're not? I personally can relate and don't like loud obnoxious people once I started finding things I personally enjoyed is when I met great friends and wasn't dreading going out lol

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  • My favourite kind of people are shy, quiet people. My 2 bestest friends are like that (one out of school and the other inside) and I'd want a nerdy, geeky person like them to be in a relationship, but with the same interests as me. I'd describe myself as pretty loud and outgoing and i find it very easy to make friends and everyone tells me I smile a lot (and I do). Most people don't know that and I told my brother once and he said well that's funny since you're the complete opposite of that.

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  • Funny I read this. Last night, I stopped at a local sports bar that I don't normally go to, and started chatting with a hot, but definitely lower-level PR woman across from me. Pretty, but too much bling and the huge, hooker earrings. She moved across and next to me, and fairly soon, I was playing with her long, I admit, gorgeous black hair (said she was also part Native American) and she was going up and down my back with her long, green nails. Things were gong well, and I kept telling myself..I never fuck the PR's. She's hot, but also not my style.

    She talked about working on cars, even with those great nails, and living in a certain apartment complex (known for a high PR and crime population..A white guy like me wouldn't stand a chance there). We're outside as she smoked, and start going at it, kissing, mauling, and all over each other. Also odd for me, as I hate that stuff in public. This woman was total opposite of me, and what I go for, yet...I was so revved up for her.

    We leave and are at her car. Tells me what building and apartment number, and to "Come down so we can finish this". Every bit of my brain said no, however..Did go, we did finish the job in her bedroom, and I drove home. Total opposite of me, this PR car woman currently not working, and me, the self-employed white guy who hasn't worked on cars in years. Still worked out well.

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