Can one (1) bad relationship ruin intimacy for you?

I'm curious because i'm still a virgin and haven't even been able to enjoy kissing someone or trust anyone who says they have feelings for me since my first relationship. Nothing bad really happened physically except from once when he forced his fingers in me after i'd told him no multiple times and he grabbed my wrists and said "if you trust me you stop saying no" and then he made fun of me for it after. About 1 hour later I found out he'd been seeing his ex in secret behind my back since the very start of out relationship and then our relationship ended.

It was rocky relationship that lasted barely a year but I loved him incredibly much and had since before we even started dating. it took me years to get over him. With him I really enjoyed to make out a lot and stuff but after that relationship I haven't been able to. I cringe when anyone touches me.
Is it possible one person and one negative experience related to intimacy can affect you for years afterwards? I can't stand it when a guy, even if im into him, grabs and kisses me. It should give me butterflies but I back away and afterwards I feel dirty.
Maybe im just really oversensitive

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  • Yes, a bad experiences can ruin intimacy for you, and what you've described is assault. You need to heal from this bad experience before you get involved with anyone else, honey.

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  • i'm sorry you had to go through that. maybe one day you'll find someone you trust enough to replace those past feelings with newer ones.

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  • What isnt´?

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  • Its not like the movies.

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