Can i further this gift? what would i do?

Twice I saw something that others didn't. Once riding the Train into Boston, I saw a man's face melting & getting disfigured. I thought of scripture and he ran off the train. Another time, this porcupine thing crawled out from someone's kitchen table and charged me. But no one reacted when I got scared & startled, and I know I made noise. Is this a gift? It's only happen twice. Then at times I feel I "Just Know" about a person. Reading them and being able to see if they are telling the truth or not. Any suggestions for me? Thank you!

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  • The last thing you said about reading people sounded like either being very astute or a gift. The visions sound like hallucinations and probably something you should get checked out.

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  • Yup. Perfectly normal. I've been seeing Spirit all my life. I'm a member of an NSAC Spiritualist church; you can find listings for area churches here: It's been helpful in learning to control whom you see, and whom you say "thanks, but no thanks" to from the spirit world.

    We acknowledge that some apparent connections are hallucinations or delusions; sometimes a pipe is just a pipe, and sometimes a vision is just being over-tired or perhaps a brain chemistry issue. But yes, it's definitely a thing.

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  • Toooooooooooooo looooooooooooooooooooooooooong

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  • If thinking of scripture made a difference it was probably just a hallucination.

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  • That's different for sure and not normal but not normal is not a bad thing. Pray on that and hopefully you will find your answer. :-) B+

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