Can i ask a girl on a date if i could kiss her?

I don’t go for it and assume she wants to be kissed because I can’t read body language due to having Asperger’s syndrome (form of autism) so I have to ask. I’d assume if I was good looking, it shouldn’t be a turn off. This is why I’m trying to lose weight and build muscle to get lean and fit.

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  • I can relate and have at times not made any move on guys I liked who may have been flirting with me because I assumed they are being friendly and I was afraid of crossing a line or looking foolish.
    You can always ask her if she wants to go out sometime, that is way better than just kissing her. If a guy kissed me out of nowhere I wouldn't take it well. You didnt leave any details about your relationship to her, is she a friend? A colleauge? A classmate? An acquitance? Even if she's a friend i'd say it's best to ask her if she'd ever be open to more than friendship before kissing her. Just think consent, you want to have that before doing something that makes you seem creepy.

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  • I'd say it's better to ask. I had a guy onde try to kiss me and there wasn't a moment or anything and it was like whooooa boy no no no stop right there. Wich destroyed any chance he had. So my opinion be straight up about your 7lness or whatever it is and if you want to kiss her ask.

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  • I feel like you can usually tell but maybe its harder for you with aspergers. I think its important to hurry up and make the move tho. You dont wanna get friendzoned. Going for the kiss will show to her your intentions and she wont run off and get with another dude thats not too nervous to make a move.

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  • If that's what makes you most comfortable, then ask.
    If she's bothered by the fact that you asked, forget her and find a nicer girl.

    It took me years to realize there is no set standard. It's what you're comfortable with & being around people that make you feel relaxed where you can be yourself.

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  • I'm pretty much in your shoes as you speak.

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    • If you're commenting here instead of kissing your date, that's SO not normal!

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