Can clothes go stinky if they take too long to dry?

I did some washing on Sunday. Some jeans and some shirts. It has been colder recently and they still are not fully dry. Since they have taken so long to dry am I going to have to wash it all again? I am thinking of the water that is still in the clothing going smelly or am I worrying about nothing?

I am thinking of just throwing them in the dryer. However, I prefer not to use the dryer. I did read the care lable on the jeans (Levis) and it did car you can tumble dry them on normal cycle.

Please be nice with your comments as I am only looking for helpful advice.

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  • If the label says Levis you have been trying to wash a vintage motorcycle. Always check for an apostrophe to make sure you're washing jeans.

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  • even if yall dries em right theyll still stank if they sits for a few weeks

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  • It depends on your area, but most likely, if you live in an area where you have longer air drying times, most likely you are in a more humid location with a higher mold count. If you live in an area with higher mold levels, then yes.

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  • Mildew happens.

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  • Yes they will if you leave them sitting wet for too long, they'll start to smell damp

    Immediately after washing, hang them over a radiator or a nearby heat source to help them along drying, if you can't hang them outside. I get not wanting to tumble-dry them, as I don't like to with my good clothes.

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  • Tumble dry them then hang them out once they are mostly dry. Much better process then just waiting and risking smell plus wrinkles...

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  • Yes if clothes are damp for too long the will smell.

    And of course levis can handle a dryer, I mean seriously if they couldn't nothing could.

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    • I guess if they don't smell stinky once you dry them then they are not stinky? I mean if you put your nose to the jeans to sniff if they are stinky and you can't smell anything then no other person is going to smell anything as people don't do that in public lol.

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