Can anyone come up with a hypotheses to this weird print in my yard?

So, it snowed in my hometown nearly a week ago, a couple of inches of snow. I live in a single family home with a backyard. (Before it snowed I left a soccer ball outside in my backyard after playing ball with my toddler.) Three days ago, I looked out my window and saw animal foot prints from my front yard leading to a fence in my backyard which leads to the neighbor's yard across from me. No big deal, they were in fact animal foot prints, you can see the animal paw print and everything. Two days ago, I look outside my window again and see two human sized footprints in the middle of the yard where I had left the soccer ball. There was no foot tracks or trace at all. I'm wondering if anyone had experience this before. I'm multitasking right now so I hope this makes sense.

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  • It's obviously a werewolf. The wolf walked across the yard to ball. He morphed into a man to pick it up and throw it next door, then went back to being a wolf and went home.

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  • *sigh* The tiny animal foot prints got larger as the snow melted.

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  • Someone being a sneaky smartass. Unless it was WET and one of them jumped off the fence to land in the middle thereby leaving no lead in footprints. Or someone is screwing with you.

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