Can a relationship be fake?

I ask this because, there's some cases that people have their narcissist or manipulative tendencies and they create fake feelings on that person.

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  • Yes, unfortunately. However, the person with these tendencies may not realize that their behavior is narcissistic or manipulative and could think that their behavior is "normal" or how a relationship is meant to be.

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  • Yeah it can be. I noticed that a lot of gold digging women who use guys for their money have fake feelings. They're also very manipulative toward everyone.

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  • Lots of fake relationships out there, and they do fall apart.

    After many years I've developed a pretty good nose for who is serious, who just wants short term fun, and who is just faking it for some kind of benefit.

    I exit a fake one fast.

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  • I've dated 2 narcissists and can confirm that yes, relationships can be fake. Maybe not from your side if you truly love the person but if all they do is tell lies and manipulate then that makes the relationship insincere and it's pretty much impossible to try and change that. You only get damaged in the process.

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  • World is filled with narcissistic scumbags. Just assume everyone is lying to you.

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  • Narcissists love to manipulate vulnerable people that they can use as narcissistic supply.

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