Calling someone named brian "brain" in office email

At least a few times a month someone accidentally types "Brain" when speaking about Brian. "Brain completed all of the TPS reports" etc. I find it odd that it would not jump out at the person typing the email that they have made this mistake, since "brain" is a rather powerful word. Would you consider this a normal excusable mistake?

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  • set autocorrect to fix it

    unless yallre writin bout brains a lot in yalls emails

    its no big deal in simple dayta day shit but it speaks for lacka attentionta detail in more formal documents

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  • Normal I would say as I have made the same mistake. It got a few laughs. :)

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  • If Brian is a clever guy, nothing wrong with calling him "Brain". I've done this too with a friend of mine. Mostly to mess with him, but when he's had a genuinely good idea, I've said "Good work Brain".

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  • I can't see that it matters. It's reminded me of my most common typo way back when I was a law clerk, which was typing pubic company for public company. Fortunately it only ever slipped through once

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