California gun leak

California legislators had entered a bill to dox state gun owners including their names, address, guns they own, and drivers license number. This bill was shot down and now conveniently the California government leaked this information which is easily downloadable online with a few clicks. Isnt this a problem with gun registries?

To me this is very convenient for criminals. If they plan on breaking into a house they will now check to see if there are firearms in that house first. If there are no firearms they know their victims will meet them with little resistance since the criminals have firearms themselves. On the other hand it will target some people with high value guns to get their home invaded when they're at work. Criminals will have more success stealing guns with this information.

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  • Now anti-gun people can harass law abiding gun owners.
    Fuck California.
    Sure it was an accident. Bullshit.
    I hope the State of California gets sued into bankruptcy.

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  • Well shoot that registry isnt up to date as it should be since I lost my guns in a boating accident.

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  • I guess we should just ignore all laws and do whatever the fuck we want from now on.

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    • Yeah just go down to the wide open border and buy a gun from the cartel. Every gun purchase comes with a free child prostitute.

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