C'mon, no notices since 7 days ago?

Is it normal you've got to do better than that. Oh, are you now focussing on cashing in on those suicide and alcoholism helplines? We need our notices fully functional ASAP, we have a lot more comments we expect from users on here to keep the mood of our days light-hearted than Alcohol Anonymous would ever offer us.

Is It Normal?
Feeling Suicidal?
We couldn't help but notice that you might be asking about things related to suicide...
If that's not the case, please ignore this message.
But, if that is the case, please, please, please call this hotline and talk to someone about it. Or, visit one of these websites and get some help.
Unfortunately IIN isn't the best place for you to be asking about this. Check out the above websites or call one of the hotlines instead. They can help. Really. We know what we're talking about. Call. Do it. Please.
Remember that everything gets better with time.
Help us keep this site organized and clean. Thanks!
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