Boyfriend wants to tie me up

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. He wants to tie me up in bed and says I'll love it. He tickles me all the time, especially in bed so I know he'll do that. Little nervous tho. Thought this kind of thing wasn't normal. Any ideas?

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  • Very normal and incredibly fun! I do thus to my gf and she does it to me. We both love it!!! Relax, agree on a safeword that immediately stops the game, and then have fun! Let him drive you insane (you have to tickle the prisoner to make sure they can't get free, right?) and then plot your revenge!!! Enjoy!

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  • It's normal.

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  • yes its very normal and a lot of fun. give it a go. you have to be able to trust your partner though that he will stop if you ask him to so just make sure he knows the "rules". then once you get comfortable then you can tie him up and have your way with him!

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