Bow to me, commoner

This dude at work is insane, man. He claims to be the secret son of the Swedish royal family, which is bullshit (he doesn’t even carry the name). He goes around calling others for commoners and asking them to kneel and bow for him, while he’s working in the same office as us at a relatively low rank. WTF is wrong with that dude, man?

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  • I once told a similar person that there is no Royalty in America, and that they had to earn the respect of others by their actions - and even them we would not bow to them. Also, if they wanted to be worshiped like that they should head back to their native country.

    A group of people heard me say it and all spoke up supporting my position. Shut the lady up fast. She left the company a month or so later.

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  • Sounds like a royal pain in the ass.

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  • Bruh, the royals here in Sweden are extremely down-to-earth and would NEVER say things like that.

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  • I've had a few crazies at the company I work for too.

    I remember this co-worker who would tell everyone he invented things he didn't invent. The shopping cart? He said he invented it. Alaskan Huskies? He said he invented them. Super Target Stores? He claimed to invent them. There was nothing he wouldn't claim. One of the customers got into an argument with him and pepper sprayed him after he said he invented black people. I don't know if Target fired him or he quit, but we never saw him again after that day. XD

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  • My lineage actually traces back to the first king of the Isle of Man. So I agree with him. You are all peasants.

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    • That is far more common than you think. The ancersers of my last name were the Royal family in what was then called Prussia (now a part of Germany) at the time of the consolidation wars. They were loosing so all the kids fled the country because the Royal Families were killed down to the youngest child so no one would be left to make an alternate claim of ownership to the conquered kingdom.

      My Grandfather went back to Germany and found the rather run down old family castle. The local government was willing to sell it to him for 1 German Mark if he would fix it up and put it back on the tax rolls once they learned he was a decedent. He turned that offer down as it likely would have cost at least $1/2 million (US) to fix it up (and possibly much more).

      So technically I am a Prince of a "nation" that no longer exists. However, from my mother's side I am 1/8th a decedent of a large American Indian Tribe Chief.

      My wife is similarly a Princess descended from the Ukrainian Royal Family which was mostly killed off about a century ago.

      A lot of people can claim Royal decent. It seems to me that we all put on our underwear, pants, and other clothing the same (some modifications on that based on gender); and work in life doing common jobs.

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  • Go "Yes m'lord" and bow deeply

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