Body shops or diy?

I have a Honda Fit 2007. I named him Clark and he’s my first car. Since he’s a used car, he has a lot of dings that I didn’t do.l, so I’ve been doing my best to touch him up and make him look like a superman car. (Since he’s blue and hence the name clark.)

Anyway, I was trying to paint my rims red, but I needed my stepdad’s help. So far, I just sanded all my tires but I’m beginning to think I bit off more than I can chew.

Do body shops do rims? If so, should I just bite the bullet and pay up?

Or should I continue on my own.

Or...any ideas???

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  • I'm not stealing anything, I saw this thread, I commented on it. There is only one way you paint rims and it's how both of us describe it. You mentioned paint bubbling and sanding, I mentioned doing thin layers for the best result.

    Also you go on about removing tires, buying your crashed car back from the insurance company (no clue why they take your car) and painting your wheels black, I mention cleaning my EGR system, working on my old BMW and drinking while doing it. How is that the same?!

    I've never read most of the stuff you've wrote on a thread, unless you replied to me, or I replied to you.

    You here to tell me off, just cause we share some opinions on stuff?!

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  • Repainting wheels is fairly easy, since it usually doesn't require wet sanding and polishing and small paint imperfections are unnoticeable, so it's a good DIY weekend project.
    A shop is gonna cost you some serious cash.
    You only need a primer, paint and clear coat to do the whole thing.

    Just remember to do this in your garage, not out in the sun and to do multiple thin coats. Don't overspray, or spray too closely, or it will look shit.
    And remember before each new coat of paint, to let the last coat dry properly, that's why it's a weekend job.

    I've done DIY work on 2 of my Mercedes. Maintenance, swapping out a few parts, changing my C-class bumper for an AMG-style one, installing a new infotainment system and a few others.
    I also have a 1984 BMW 635CSI I'm restoring to it's former glory. I've gotten the engine to work, now I'm gonna get a lowering kit for the suspension for a more aggressive look.
    Still a long way before driving the thing... But that's the thing about working on your car. It's not something you rush into. You are not a mechanic, neither am I. We do this for fun and to save a few bucks.

    Cause let me tell you this, cleaning out my C-class's dirty EGR valve and intake manifold was a dirty job and my girlfriend was furious I was covered in soot that's almost impossible to wash away, but it was very enjoyable and even more rewarding.

    I got a case of beer, called a friend over for help. Got some music and worked away for 4 hours and 16 beers, had a great time and did some productive work as my C-class runs like new again! It's a sense of pride and achievement unlike any other. Gonna do the same on my E420 next summer.

    So as Isitnormal's resident car nut, I say go DIY and have fun.

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  • You don’t want to fuck it up to to a body shop.

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  • Don't be surprised though if a body shop wants to charge an arm and a leg just to paint some damned rims. On the other hand, if a shop does it, they typically have the tools and know-how to make it look a lot better than what one could do at home.

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