Body count

Would you date a woman with one body count?

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  • Are we talking about a woman who has slept with one person or are we talking about an actual murderer?
    (I never know on this site)

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  • Jesus christ is this a fraternity... "body count" good lord I hope you're not an adult.

    I thought this post was going to be a horror movie review.

    Of course it's okay for them to have only slept with one person, we dont all live the same life, that doesn't make them who they are. Thats just a superficial problem. What would be the negatives of dating someone who's sleep with one person? Lack of life experience? How is one meant to increase their sexual exploration/experience if people dont want to "take a chance" on them.

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  • I don't think people care

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  • As in she's only slept with one person? Of course I'd date her. It'd be weird to take issue with a woman who's had a boyfriend in the past

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  • I dont care how high or low my partners body count is male or female. Irs all about the bond we share and they don't have any stds. That's important to

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  • So why does that same standard not apply to men...

    It seems that its perfectly OK for a man to have many sexual partners.

    Personally, I don't see where it matters much.

    You also have to look at when the sexual contacts occured. Many teenagers and young adults experiment with sex (which includes multiple partners), and then settle down.

    Are you dating someone 18, 40, or 60? As people age they tend to have more partners in their past life.

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  • Yes, I dont think Id even want a virgin girl.

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  • Jesus christ that's some old school thinking.

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  • what if she had sex with them instead of sleeping with them?

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    • Had sex with only one guy in a Long Term Relationship. But the guy cheated, so the relationship ended. Now girl wonders if anyone would still accept her.

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  • One is already more than I'd like. I would like a virgin guy.

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