Blocking people is therapeutic

Whenever someone online is remotely mean to me, or if there is a post with multitudes of comments I disagree with, I go through each one and block them (even if they never said anything to me directly.) It doesn't matter what platform it's on, facebook, reddit, here, or what. I must have thousands and thousands of blocked people on FaceBook. But it's just therapeutic. I have been bullied a lot online, and it calms me down and comforts me knowing that if some random person says something I REALLY hate, I can just block them and never have to worry about EVER coming into contact with them again.

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  • I mean, it's better than engaging with them and getting in a stupid internet argument

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  • Fucking a girl in her ass is therapeutic
    Cuming on a bitche's face is therapeutic
    Having your ass licked by a bitch is therapeutic
    Cheating on your bitch with another bitch is therapeutic

    These are all therapeutic things.

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  • in what way is it therapeutic if you blocked someone move on

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    • knowing that person will never ever cross paths with me again

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