Big companies don't seem to care about cc. cataclysmic, greedy or lazy?

Obviously CC (climate change) is a real problem, but it seems like the big companies do not care about it.
Are they cataclysmic people, meaning that do they actually want to end the world, or just greedy people who want money or lazy people that don't believe in the technology and other good ideas that can at least slow the climate change?

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  • You have to be greedy to succeed. I know this because I'm a successful barrister, and definitely not a tubby old man pretending online. You can tell because, as everyone knows, the first thing you learn in law school is that, if you commit a crime, like given some animals a right jolly stabbing or nicking sweets off graves at the cemetary, the first thing you should do is go online and start telling everyone about it. That's how real young, hot barrister birds (and not dodgy old men pretending to be lawyers) protect themselves legally. It's called being a genius. That and greed will get you ahead in the business world.

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  • Greed runs the world.

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  • It could be all 3. Depends entirely on how large the buisness is. Obviously if you were a large buisness kn a local area the PR of dumping into the local river would cause damage to your company, not to mention the fines for doing so. Safely disposing of material waste is more costly. So it really depends on the management of what gets done.

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  • No one really disputes climate change is happening the only question is how much is man responsible. The Sahara Desert use to be a green grass land. It changed thousands of years before we started burning fossil fuels. You look at Alaska they've found that it was once tropical, we've had multiple ice ages, massive floods. The climate changed without humans and scientists will admit the climate is gonna change even if there is no humans. So the question is if we cant stop it is it any use to destroy our economy when we may only slow it down a little. Then you have to look at the bold predictions scientists made in the 90s and none of them happened. They said by 2012 the ice caps would be completely melted, polar bears extinct, florida under water. So either the scientists were lying or they were wrong in the 90s. I use to be scared about it as a kid when they taught this to me in school but I have to admit when it didnt happen at the rate they said I calmed down.

    They are working on solar technology, windmill technology, nuclear energy, and other clean forms right now as we speak. The technology is almost here to convert to clean energy. We are not all gonna die tomorrow dont fall for the doomsday media narrative. We will stop burning fossil fuels in the next hundred years and the climate will still change. Maybe at a slower rate hopefully who knows. But we are gonna switch.

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