Bf is stressed and is less affectionate

my bf finally admitted to me being stressed after i felt like he was becoming more distant and less affectionate. he has a herniated disk and is in constant pain with his back. for a job he owns a skateboard company and is good at skating but a couple years ago hurt his back to the point where he has to go to physical therapy.

he told me that he’s also recently been self conscious because he’s gaining a little weight, he’s still very thin for a 24 year old 5’8 man. he says that with covid he can’t get a lot of skate clips, because his friends aren’t hitting him up a lot to skate blah blah blah, moral of the story: he’s stressed. and i feel like it’s causing him to be less affectionate and warm with me, he still says i love you and cuddles me but it seems like he’s just sad a lot of the time. i’ve expressed to him it makes me sad that he been distracting him and all that and he says “i’m sorry i feel like i’m making you unhappy” and that “i’m making you sad” when it’s not the case i just wish he would be less stressed and i just don’t know what to do. any advice?

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  • Seems like it is making you sad. I feel the emotions my bf feels. Happy, sad, angry... I don’t really see how not being able to skate with your friends as an adult leads to stress enough to effect your life.

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    • because it’s his job, and he comes out with a video once a year and he needs to get better and have a momentum in order to keep his sponsors.

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