Beliefs exactly as if i was between my mid-twenties

I'm an honest Christian all the way even though back then in my mid-twenties I didn't mix religions or Christian sects.

It's my early mid-twenties that's the main concern.

Thus, as a Puritan, Cartesian, "Either/Or" man, Scotist, and Mariologist I'm a Christian 100% although there was no specific Christianity in my mid-twenties, I didn't know what Christian I was, I was all sorts, when deep down I wanted to be a Puritan but didn't know how to go about it, or in partial disagreement, how to accept it.

I was rebelling against an orthodoxy within churches but didn't know how to be non-conformist in that regard, in all probability I was a Catholic and didn't know how to change the sect, I was confusing them.

Therefore now knowing a sect from the parent, and a sect from a sect, I know what I'm following and I know what my sect does and how it differs from the first Christianity.

That's not the only battle I was losing, I tried to absolve the question between whether reality's subjective or objective, it's objective because things are what they are, it's verifiable, and it's within my consciousness.

Therefore there's left in life the evil demon doubt, struggling with the competition between solipsism and Cartesianism, I didn't pick one because one's better than the other, I was average, I only chose the median achievements of René des Cartes, even though I was brainwashed into solipsism.

Therefore it's necessarily the case that a demon fooled me into thinking everything's real when only René the philosopher and scientist who founded it is real, after all I think therefore I am, it's the commonest solipsism in the book!

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