Being watched all the time

I think I'm being watched all the time. On shifts according to my sleep schedule. I go to bed at different times every night. I go to the bathroom before bed and every time, the neighbours go into their bathroom too. I hear their light switch. Then when I go to bed they leave the house, I hear their door. I'm very quiet so I'm not waking anybody.
The living room light fitting moves and leaves rings on the ceiling. I worry something's in there. I was talking to somebody about it and soon as we switched it on it blew.
I don't go out much but when I do I feel like CCTV follows me everywhere. If I walk down the street everybody looks and gets their phones out. I recognize everybody I see in different towns or on TV. Even though I don't know who they are I recognize them. It feels odd.

Some say it's in my head some say it's not but it's overwhelming. I want to dig a hole and live underground.

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  • Well in public, you are always being watched, though not actively. Just assume you are always on camera. Same as online, and phone, everything is recorded. As for your neighbors and light fixture, nah, that's paranoia.

    This is either schizophrenia or paranoia given the way the world is these days.

    Talk to a doctor.

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  • Are you sleep deprived due to your shift work? If not, you need to see a doctor

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  • Repost much?

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    • I haven't read anything in the feed. I haven't posted anything like this in a year. I'm just trying to put everything together in my head. But ok

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      • Sorry if it wasn't you.
        Almost identical post a couple days ago.
        But this one thought they were being seen, and mind read all the time.
        Our world is getting kinda creepy.
        Cameras all over the place, but conveniently controled.
        Just maintain in public.
        And make sure your own house is a free zone.
        Or, try to ignore it.
        You'll never get a decent tan underground.

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