Being called short makes me feel very insecure

I am a few inches above the average hight of an American woman. Over the years I have been praised for my hight and long legs… giving me quite the ego. I always strive to be as tall as I can possibly be, even changing my diet to give me some extra inches!

I take pride in my hight. But, when someone (especially men) call me short, I get filled with unreasonable rage. Most of the time, it’s all jokes. But in my mind I feel belittled. I spiral into a hole of insecurity. I tell guys not to call me short. But a lot of the time, they take it as flirting. So they continue to playfully tease me out my hight. I have to be firm and clear about my request, opening up about my insecurity in order for them to stop.

I feel this behavior isn’t normal. Because according to all my girl friends, being called short is a complement to them. They actually encourage their boyfriends/men they talk to to call them short.

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