Be fooled by art

I am no expert academic or scholar of fine art, but I think that only makes me even more qualified to tell you that I find most abstract wall art hideous pieces of crap.

It causes me displeasure to find a thoroughly repugnant painting, as repulsive as it is bewildering where you would think a pleasant decorative item would be more appropriately located.

Now, I believe abstract art does not fool anyone except art scholars and the artists themselves. The rest of us know that it is bullshit. The rest of us recognize that there is a very scanty difference between the painting described as “a vivid exposition of bold strokes and vital figures posed in provocative postures which allude to violent memories while simultaneously evoking spirits of blah blah” and a skidmark in your drawers.

So I really don’t expect a lot of sense from these things and I try to ignore them. They only really offend me when i hear of how much they cost, then they get really sickening. To think that millions were paid for some spastic, jerking about completely randomly all over canvas throwing colours up and down with no sense or reason? That chafes at the sensitive man's sense of rightness.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel the same way about abstract art?

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  • What about fractal art?

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    • As a graphic designer by profession fractal art makes a lot more sense to me.

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  • Yeah I used to be on the artist path. Then I realized how corporatist and abjectly corrupt the entire industry is. Quality isnt appraised in the art piece but rather the artist and that is backwards thinking for most of art history.

    People need to reform that industry so that we can have REAL artwork again. Homeless street painting is more aesthetically pleasing than what is hung in a tax credit mall otherwise known as an art gallery.

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    • Insightful comment there, thanks!

      I don’t need to go into further detail. You get the point. I think some of these paintings are stupid.

      I’m not one of those people who dismiss everything they don’t understand as stupid. Usually, I can appreaciate that just because I don’t get the joke, that doesn’t mean the joke is not funny. Just because I don’t get the point that doesn’t mean no point exists. But usually, I need to at least see that some effort went into creating the thing I don’t understand. Mozart and Beethoven have as much impact on me as windy rain, but I can appreciate that you have to be pretty clever to be able to make this music that bores me so much.

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      • I find electronic house music to be soothing. As with classical I think it's because you arent reliant on the vocal elements to carry the meaning of the song so the instrumentals have to be more imaginative when it comes to the rhythm.

        The difference between classical and electronic is simply the choice instruments. They convey their meanings in the same way.

        If Mozart lived now he would be like deadmau5 I imagine.

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