Bbc egg fried rice recipe harshly criticised?

Everyone's saying that the BBC recipe for Egg Fried Rice was gross and wrong and all these other negative adjectives, but I don't understand what was wrong.

Like yeah, the British way of cooking rice isn't the same as the Chinese way, or any other Asian country for that matter. Shock horror, who'd have thought of that?!

The female chef only did 2 things wrong. Flavoured it wrong (barely at all) and served with a metal spoon instead of a wooden one. Everything was measured. The rice was portioned correctly for a single person, the starch was drained correctly (with a sieve), it was all done in a well-cleaned kitchen so no bugs were able to get into the food and contaminate it, and the end product wasn't brittle, it was perfectly light and fluffy. There could be an argument that she didn't save a little of the rice water to stop the rice from sticking together but that's optional.

I know plenty of Asian people are freaking out, but Britain isn't even on the same continent as those people are from. Heaven for fend that us Brits might use a DIFFERENT technique to Chinese people!

At the end of the day all that matters is what the end product tastes like, and there was nothing wrong with the end product, so the backlash that chef recieved was very harsh in my humble opinion.

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  • I haven't seen it, but everyone in the comments section of cooking videos and recipes seems to be a snobbish cooking expert these days.

    I tried a recipe using Olive Garden brand Italian dressing, and the comments were full of stuff such as "Olive Garden is disgusting, who would want to eat that?" What I don't understand is if they hate Olive Garden and their products, how did they wind up on a recipe that clearly states Olive Garden Dressing in the title? I think some people when it comes to cooking just like to feel superior and as if they're above eating anything that isn't 100% authentic or that uses ingredients from a chain restaurant. There are also several people who have major issues with the use of crockpots, I recently found out.

    The thing about the Internet in general too, is that people often go online to find something to complain about or start a fight, it seems like. Ever notice that about 85% of Facebook comments are people complaining about a product, recipe, etc.?

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  • Big Black Cock fried rice?

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    • British broadcasting corporation. They posted a video online about how to make egg fried rice on the BBC Food website. It made it to youtube where it got an insane amount of backlash

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  • We all have different methods of cooking.

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