Back to religious person..but i cant

i use to belive in my religion and religious gods soo much, like i use to pray and do religious stuff everyday, but one day me and my parents changed to another place, i even change my school, from then i only see people who dont belive in religion or gods, time pass by, i just lost my belief in religion, but now i feel like i was wrong, and i just want to be religious again, but i cant, i just feel like i just lost the positivity and the calm feeling in me...

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  • If you want it so badly and you still believe in God/Gods then you just need to figure out the best way for you to practice your beliefs if you want to do it actively. Maybe there is a church nearby, if you're christian, that you can start going to. You can read religious scripture, pray, find a community either nearby or online.

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  • I'm not religious myself, but it is personal choice, nobody knows the truth for sure. And if you feel it would bring more happiness and doesn't go against your values then it can be worth striving for. Maybe you should talk to a priest.

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