Average alter count in a did system?

as a fairly large system due to being polyfragmented, I've been fake claimed a few times due to how many alters we have.

SO, ive just been wondering: what do singlets think is the normal amount of alters to have in a system?

just answer in the comments, im genuinely curious :]

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  • I know someone with DID, and their system contains at least ten that they've learned about over the years. I asked them if they would mind offering input for this question. According to them, "Ten is the 'average' amount reported, but it's tricky because so many cases are malingered (estimated to possibly be as much as 75% or potentially even more), which can skew data and make it harder to research and treat people actually suffering from it/experiencing it/impacted by it. A lot of older cases usually reported two or three identities, but modern cases seem much higher, sometimes even being reported as hundreds or even more."

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  • I've seen a paper published where the doctors were treating someone with over 200 alters, but that's a fringe case. 3-5 would seem like a more normal number to have

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  • In my ignant days I would have said 5. Post diagnosis I'd say average is somewhere between 5-15 known alters.

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  • 3-6

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