At work i feel like i'm never good enough

At a different workplace I was trumarized and bullied. Other jobs I had after I feel shitty at. I force a smile but on inside I stopped caring about being or getting really good at my job. Maybe it's depressing but I just lack motivation and after a month or two I just don't want to improve anymore because it doesn't seem worth it. I have been working at my current job and there is still things I could learn and I thought about forcing myself to reach out to other departments and learn more.

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  • depends on the boss, the company and how you are treated, remember everyone can be replaced so find a place where you are accepted and liked.

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  • Do you belong to a church or other religious organization?

    If so, talk to your clergy about this. They often can provide appropriate assistance; and many are trained on basic counseling (and some are very good and experienced counselors on certain specific issues).

    I'd also recommend calling a mental health hot line. There is help out there... and it's likely that the damage you have absorbed can be repaired enough to allow you to function normally.

    I wish you the best with this...

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