At what age should a person know how to order stuff online by?

My 2 year old nephew somehow managed to order stuff through Alexa. That kid is silly sometimes.

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  • I'm 25 and I don't know how to order stuff online

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  • They should be banned from online ordering and made to walk to shops.

    Those high waists and hoodies don’t hide all that fat you lazy ass kids 🤣

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  • My 89 year old mother did not know how to order anything online (nor how to use email either) up to the day she died a few years ago.

    I also live near both Amish and Mennonites. A few of the Mennonites know how to order online; but most have no clue (or even how to use a computer or smartphone).

    I don't think its an age question.

    It's more appropriately a lifestyle question.

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  • I'm sure they should know by the time they have learned how to read.

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    • By that same logic, you should know how to construct an Boeing jet since you can read and the instructions can be obtained from somewhere

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  • In the modern era? If you want my honest opinion, they should probably know how by 10. That's roughly when I learned and that was back in 2011.

    Edit: But don't give the kid your card information. Let them do it through gift cards.

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  • I don't think they should be doing it until they're 18 and/or make their own money. Letting a child freely order things online with money that isn't theirs is a recipe for disaster.

    I had my mom order a thing or two for me online as gifts in my teens, but I think I was 19 or 20 when I first made an online purchase for myself.

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  • My 5 yr old grandson got my son's phone and ordered a $150 toy on Amazon. My son didn't know until the toy arrived. I think it's my son's fault but kids today have way too much online access.

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