At the party

It was when I was 19 years but in the party I've done a strange thing, I spooned alcoholic punch into a paper cup, bit the bullet and just drank it after a childhood of being denied it, I was drunk on a little punch (it was so strong), wore a lamp shade and thought I found my hat, and danced saying"I'm born to boogie" drinking punch, I put my hairy paw into the peanut bowl and ate a handful of peanuts, thinking there was pop music on that night.

What I did, I said, "my name is Otto, and I loooove to drink wine!", and that's a quality joke. Then I wrote some disturbing stuff in my book and Collin read it saying it's quirky, I admitted it, and Uncle Phil was angry about all my talking and I said ”I don't like angry-looking people", and Uncle Vick said "Adrian, you bloody behave yourself!" when I don't remember not behaving myself, you know in my youth these things will happen.

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