At a crossroads

Alright, so I went to Goodwill and got some plates, glasses, silverware, pot and pan with lid, crock pot, and a desk, dresser, and table

Then I went and got groceries and some other house stuff

That was last night after I got off work before today, my day off. I did that stuff then to be proactive with my time

I had intended today to rent a truck and figure out how to bring my furniture in. I called labor finders, a paid daily gig that finds people work from whatever individual or company, they didn't have anyone so I was gonna buy a dolly or dollie or whatever and utilize the elevator in my building

I woke up early, got ready and motivated uncharacteristically quickly, had my shoes on and everything, and then I checked my bank

Turns out my energy bill took some time to hit my account, pending still at that. I was sceptical about what it was

So my account is over 48 dollars right now. The normal bi weekly check for this Friday was split into two 1 week checks between last Friday and this one

I'm gonna sell plasma today to bring my account positive

Everything is paid for except for my insurance which I will pay this Friday. Gotta get my license renewed and brakes fixed, I think I should have almost 200 after that

I have plenty of food and supplies, hygiene stuff, meat in the fridge and freezer, a cabinet shelf of canned goods two more shelves' worth of other staples

I'll get one more check this month which will go to rent on the first of February. Of that almost 200 I'll need to pay maybe 50 bucks to get my new furniture inside

I'm sure I can coast for a little while without spending to get next month's bills paid.

As soon as I get caught up again, I'll just need to restock commodities and groceries, no big purchases. I can have some emergency money while transitioning to a warehouse job

Then I'll really start to get some progress made on my goals

I guess I'm glad I waited for the cat. I feel pretty determined to become able to get a cat and have the resources to spend time with her at my leisure

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  • I hope you find the best feline friend for you, and that you both enjoy a long, and loving life together!

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