Asking for her number

So, lately I have worked up my confidence by hitting the club and just not giving a fuck about what others might think and just dance.

I have managed to dance with alot of girls and even talked to them aftwrwards and even walked one home.i am no longe scared to approach, it is just for fun anyways.

However, my problem is that I just cannot ask for their number. I am quite conservative and not into one night stands and I am scared that I will appear creepy or even pervy if I ask them for their phone no.ijust choke.

My how do I go about and how do.I kbow it is ok toask for her no?


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  • I understand your hesitation, but what's the worst that's going to happen?

    She might say no (bluntly or tactfully), or she might give you a bogus number. What's so terrible about either of those?

    If she does give you her number, don't say you'll call unless you really intend to do so.

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  • Just ask for the number, so what if someone says no. It's not going to kill you.

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  • Give her your number and tell her you had fun and would like to see her again.

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  • Offer yours. “I had a good time, here’s my number if you want another dance...lunch, dinner, drink, tea, coffee.......or let me text you over my number, what’s your mobile?”.

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  • It should be a natural thing. Just spend some time talking, and throw it out there, like you would if it was a guy you wanted to be friends with. It shouldn't be that different

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  • I always felt that asking for phone numbers is kind of lame. They have to wait for you to call and you have to try to figure out what to say when you do. Just ask them out. Say for dinner sometime. You'll know where you stand right away. If they say no, just thank them anyways and keep scouting.

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