Are you for or against american women pushing to change sizes

Not sure if you all have TikTok but on TikTok lots of people between ages 18-45 are talking about changing American sizing.

American sizing already runs large. In Europe you are the real size but American sizing is one size bigger already, like a size medium in America is a Large in Europe.

Now American women who are obese want to change it so a size Extra Large is a size Medium. They say the average women is a size 14-16 (XL) so they want companies to change this to a size Medium. That means a size medium here which is a size large in Europe will be size Xtra small.

These people saying this are obese and saying to normalize a size XL and to do that it should be size medium now.

This means that obese people will now be thinking they're healthy..they get angry when you disagree and my comments against it were removed because they reported them as hate speech when I simply disagreed that a size Extra Large is not a medium. They also ranted at my simple one sentence comment saying I come from thin privilege and only people of a BMI of 30+ can comment on their videos.

Are you for this movement to change a women's size XL to a medium?

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  • I don't know about that, but I'm all for standardized sizes based on the metric system. No more owning stuff that ranges from XS to XXL.
    You buy a pair of jeans - the measurements are width and length in centimeters. Same with everything else.

    Seriously, I have shirts that range from M to XXXL. How is this normal? I get it, it's the BS marketing thing where you go in to buy one thing, but "clever marketing" makes you buy 10. NO!!! We live in a very hectic world and tricks like this don't work. They are just an annoyance.
    I don't want to spend half an hour trying on shirts, before I find one that fits right.

    Make standardized clothing sizes everywhere!

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    • It's not so much as marketing but standardization of what's considered Small-extra large. A medium in asia would be small in europe.

      Of course having the printed measurements help in pants but what's your shoulder measurement? People mostly only know their waist size and how tall their legs are. As for your torso length, shoulders, neck. That shit has been simplified through mass production in sizes that fit the majority of the population that wears it.

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    • It really is more of an issue than it sounds. I'm a medium in most stores, but in others I'm a small, and I'm a large in some, and an XL in some. It's genuinely ridiculous! Nobody wants to change how we're measured, we want there to be a standardized measurement system so we don't have to struggle to find clothes that actually fit us!

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  • All the greatest things come out of Tiktok, don't they?

    I don't really care. A bunch of people in here want to standardize the sizes to something that makes sense, but I'm personally fine with what we have since (as a guy) I've never had a problem with it. I don't think I've ever worn a shirt or jacket below L or above XL, even when I've ordered them online. It could be worse for women, I don't know.

    Changing it for that reason is obviously a bad idea, though. How did we go from "obesity epidemic" to "normalize obesity"? We shouldn't be normalizing obesity. Going out for a Double Down, a Super Size fries, and a Big Gulp soda isn't something we should be trying to encourage.

    And that's not a commentary on overweight people, saying "hurhur fat people eat a lot." It's the fact that when you push the healthy weight down to S and XS, that's a free ticket for fast food places to bump up their portions and for American doctors to make even more of a killing than they already are. I've been overweight (not obese) most of my life, I don't wear a SMALL.

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  • People arent a standardized size based on your ethnicity your height
    and other body metrics is varied. America being the most diverse country on the god damn planet has to have a different sizing chart out of convenience of having a diverse population.

    Mostly because we get our shit mass produced. No one tailors shit unless it's your formal attire (if you even have them at all)

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  • Sizing is messed up on all kinds of clothing all over the world.

    I'm a man. But depending on the brand I wear either a Large, Extra Large, of Double Extra Large T-shirt.

    There is no standardization whatsoever.

    I vote that all sizes should be in centimeters (circumference and length/tall). Then we would know up front what size fits us.

    I watched an explanation of woman's bra sizes some years ago. The same cup size could be an A cup, a B cup, a C cup, or a D cup depending on the band size. Total messed up.

    My wife wears a XX-Z size bra from one company, and a different number and cup size from another company - and they fit the same.

    My opinion is lets totally get away from small, medium, large, extra large, etc.

    As for Europe. I had similar clothing size issues when I was in Europe decades ago. On size shirt in Spain and another size shirt in Italy - to get the same fit.

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  • I just wish sizes were more consistent between brands, or even within them. It is absolutely ridiculous how off they can be. I've even bought clothes online from the same brand in which one that was supposed to be a larger size was actually smaller than the "smaller" sized one! 🤦‍♀️

    I do agree though that it's unnecessary to change the names of the sizes to make people feel like they are wearing a smaller size when they are really not.

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  • I'm a size xs and I have to wear children's clothes sometimes. (American woman) Grass is always greener and all that, but seriously, fat people have their own specialty stores for just them and any store will often stock up to a 6XL when they don't even stock XSs.

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  • I'm not on tiktok but, I was personally skinny all my life until I had a miscarriage. Even before my miscarriage I attempted suicide and ended up in a wheelchair. I am also on seroquel which increases your appetite (especially right before bed; worst time to eat!) and doesn't help either.

    There are many compounding reasons someone is overweight and it doesn't always mean they're "eating too much take out" I get take out maybe once a month. I cycle. I'm 5"8 and 165-170lbs. I'm not taking in too many calories in a day, maybe something like 1,700 if I'm being generous.

    That being said, there are plus size stores for a reason. No need to change. And like others said, the no standardized sizing so what are they even changing?

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