Are women more likely to make ultimatums than men?

I'm reading a book where the female protagonist has been head over heels in love with the story's love interest. When they finally start dating, he says something careless and rather than getting in a fight or trying to talk things out, she tells him she can't be with him and ends the relationship altogether

It made me realize that it's pretty common in entertainment for women to end a relationship over something really petty or a simple misunderstanding, almost as if they were looking for a reason to end things

Is this also true in real life or is it more of an overused trope that doesn't necessarily reflect reality?

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  • Doesn't reflect reality. Maybe that's just how novels work, but in real life, esp when you are truly committed, you tend to talk and communicate well enough to fix things and stay together.

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  • I wouldn't know. Looks like most respondents are saying Yes, though. It reminds me of an old saying I heard once: "Women turn on like an oven, off like a light."

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  • I think there’s a hint of truth to it, most divorces and break ups of longer heterosexual relationships are instigated by the woman.

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  • I think it's just a trope, men can also be super petty and emotional in relationships. Of course they can be, they're people.

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  • Depends on the woman. Really can't yes it is or isn't true.
    I like to talk things through but sometimes I fear it will end the relationship.
    I've had many men in the past make ultimatums with me.
    I've also seen women make ultimatums.
    And oteher times there are just deal breakers where you can't stay in the relationship.

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  • I think the entertainment industry likes to make women the aggressor. I think men like it and girls are like “ yyaaaass queen”.

    But in reality it’s probably 50/50.

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