Are we the absensce of sense?

I wish I had an answer to that question, but I don't. Just as great poets and thinkers no more poem than they think they think they think.

We smoke because we think it does us good, even though we know how shitty it is.
We trust people we know to lie and cheat us.
We know we should protect our planet, we would do it per se, but we rely on people we cannot rely on.
We make choices when we have no choice.
We think that we are free, that we are safe and free when we follow rules, but we sit in a shitty birdcage.
We destroy knowledge to keep us stupid, so that others of us are smart enough to rule over us, only to have resistance again, which gives us knowledge and leads us to the status quo once again.
We believe in the imaginary friend of a deceased person whom we did not even know, but nobody believes in us and our friends.
We think that they do not see or hear what we do and say, but they hear every word, every year, every week, every day, at any time in almost any place.

We are nothing but lapdogs of men and women who have enough money to physically represent together the supposed residual value of the earth. People who abuse children, disgust others for fun, torture and kill, and who are only interested in money and power.

Why are we humans such idiots?

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  • "We" are absent of sense but bafoons like you certainly are. What kind of useless pseudo-philosiphy bullshit did I just read???

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    • Didn't intend this to sound philosophical. If you don't see it take off the glasses, leave the screen, get out of the comfort zone and tell me where the bullshit is.

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  • Every situation you present in your post has a reason to do it.

    We're not without sense, dude. We just often throw our money behind bad horses out of either necessity or choice. Sometimes the alternative is to bet on a lamer horse; sometimes people are being stupid, and sometimes the positives for one person outweigh negatives, whereas in another they may not and the act would seem senseless.

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    • So what reasons are there? People smoke to be accepted, to feel better, out of boredome, because they want to waste money? I did marijuana to help me calm down, it just makes things worse. Cigarettes aren't any better. Anyone who knows that could stop, but they don't even try. They say they try but if they do and can't why won't they seek any help? What situation serves any reason to trust vulturizing dishonest people any important and critical information that likely will make us more prone a target? Why won't we just use the knowledge we have to change how things work to save the world for another 100 or more years instead of running after cribbly paper notes? And why are politican those to do the decisions all on them? Yeah, sure, democracy, what are we truly having here? We have the choice to give us a choice by accepting that safety is an illusion based on uneven laws. Why do you guys enjoy the godforsaken birdcages so much? Surely we've been here already and we're going no further, repeating what we've failed last time and the time before that.
      I'm curious.

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  • Not me. But then again I have never fitted in.

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  • wallowin in negativity & cynicism eh?

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  • People are too coward to kill who needs to be killed.

    Best thing you can do to deal with evil people is to kill them.

    If you would like to hire me my number is 666-911-KHULT

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    • I can see some kind of lawyer esque ad pitching you, the Russian hitman, as the best and most ethical source for killing people.

      “USA gangs, trash. Italian mobsters, garbage.
      Russian hitman KholatKhult. I kill them D E A D!”

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  • You sure do sound like a kind individual.

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