Are u born or raised this way

are u born gay or raised gay ?
same thing with transgender people are you born that way and also if you're born gay/trans can you be born evil then or no ..

Are we born as blank slates or do we already come with predispositions? I just can't find an answer to this.

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  • TLDR: Both.

    Most of that time, it's a situation where you're born that way. Kids will begin showing signs of being gay or trans rather early in life. There are things that can effect sexuality later in life though, and it's usually due to trauma.

    As for being born evil, everyone is born "evil" and self caring, but you can be taught to care more for others. Some of the world's most evil people were either given terrible childhoods or saw that their crimes benefited them enough to justify their actions in their eyes. If you're not taught to care about others, you won't.

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  • I think both but I do remember in elementary school there was this very feminine kid and this was before we understood the concept of sex or gay. He always hung out with girls and shit was super feminine. Well by highschool he was gay and it didnt surprise anyone. But he was like that in kindergarden.

    I think you can be born gay as well as become gay based on environment and life experiences.

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  • We're definitely born with genetically different personalities. We react different to same things and thus same circumstances doesn't makes the same person.

    I got to observe some kids since born and noticed how one was quiet from the beginning and one was unshy from the beginning. How one was fearlessly defending himself and siblings and the other was just reacting with crying. No one taught them this. Also siblings who were brought up same way have different personalities. I also noticed how they resemble a parent or a relative in traits and behavior; it's genetic.

    I'd think it's biologically quantitve differences.

    Not to mention that what's called a mental illness is also something born with you, same with autism. The way you are, resulted in your actions and decisions and thus how your life has become. But environment is a factor too.

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  • They have identified brain structure differences between totally homosexual and total hetrosexual people. Those structural differences can be observed in infants.

    Most people are born with a clear wired pattern. There is a group who's brains show neither structure and they often experiment with both and its not predictable where they end up.

    How you are raised most affects those who are not born with the clear indications associated with heterosexual or homosexual.

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    • Could you link to that?

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      • Perhaps... Give me a at least a few days to see if I can find the source. About 8 years ago I was very heavy into human sexuality research sites as my wife and I were in counseling related to sexuality issues that we didn't know were affecting us (we didn't know who we were sexually - and had never even heard of the possible variations) - until after we got through the counseling and educating ourselves as well. I do know that my most popular site of that era has had a name change and restructured how they were set up.

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  • According to Jung we're not quite a blank slate, humanity seems to have what he called the collective unconscious. Things like archetypes and whatever, we can all reference things despite our age or location

    After a few months though there are so many variables at play it's hard or impossible to actually pinpoint things that we're predisposed to or what we've adapted to

    It's better to recognize patterns and trends in ourselves and not assign blame on us or others. Ultimately we control ourselves better than anyone else could, so if we do something we recognize isn't right we now have the opportunity to make adjustments and become better people

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  • Both. You can be born with a disposition towards it, and be raised in a manner that increases the disposition. All humans are born with a disposition towards evil, so all humans are born "evil".

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  • Anyone can be born evil no matter what their sexual orientation is.

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    • I know I'm not connecting the two it was another example:

      Is it possible to be born an alcoholic or to become one?

      Is it possible for someone to be born evil or to become evil?

      Is a person born gay/trans or does he/she become gay/trans?

      Is it true that we aren't born as anything, or are we?

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