Are these the telltale signs that i don't have parental instinct?

I am 22 years old and not married yet. I loathe children. If I hear or read about a baby or a kid died, I don't feel sympathy for them.

I hate babies. They look like a breathing and living goo. Their cries can ruin my joyous day instantly.

When I see babies or kids cry, I feel like smacking them. It's weird that if a grown up cries, I get emotional and feel like crying with them.

I've a 13 year old and a 6 year old nephews. They've good demeanors unlike lots of brats I've met out there and yet I isolated myself from them. I try to get along with them but always ended up failing to start a conversation with them.

I just can't love them. I feel like a bad person and always wonder if I would be the worst parent if I happened to have my own family. Will I feel the same if it's my own child? Wonder if someone else feels the same here.

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  • I don't like kids either. I know I'd be a bad parent due to my apathy and my lack of patience, so I just won't have them. I think it's a good to be self aware about whether or not you can raise kids. I grew up with people who had parents that had zero instinct and had them due to religion or society telling them and these kids grew up messed up. I really don't want to mess up another human being. XD

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  • I think people change when they have kids of their own... I've seen it. Friend of mine said she didn't feel anything when it comes to kids. She gave birth and became the obnoxious social media mommy that brags about everything her baby does...

    I don't like babies. They cry, poop and vomit - it's all they do. You can't talk with them, you can't do anything with them.
    Toddlers are just as annoying, maybe even more annoying because they can move around a lot and break stuff.

    But when I'm a father, my views will probably change too.

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  • I find children to be absolutely necessary. You can hate other people's kids but as soon as you have one of your own, your priorities change.

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    • Not necessarily or there wouldn't be so many neglected and abused children. Hating any kids is an indication not to have any of your own and to stay away from other people's kids.

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  • My kids are pretty cool. I don't like other people's kids. Just mine.

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  • Your not a big kids guy, that is fine. I'm the same way! They just seem so hard to understand and relate to, some people habe the gift of being able to connect with them unlike you or I. However, just because you can't connect with them, doesn't mean you should hate them! Understand that some people love kids and babies to death. They are just the sweetest cutest thing in the world to some people, so even i you don't share that view, at peast tolerate those who do and don't loathe them.

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