Are there european accents - like just european ones?

I was talking to a guy the day before yesterday who had an interesting accent. He was just not relatable. Something between a bit Manchester, Copenhagen, a rolling R like Spanish or I don't know who and many other things. But not as guttural as Hitler, just a bit loud. And just really a lot more of which I don't know the terms. Are there any ambiguous accents with names?

He had this u like put and was also a bit nasal, but not as blatant as some others. I want to know what that accent is. Not French for sure. And not Russian either. But what do I know. Maybe I'm just imagining things again and he only exists in my head.

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  • The idea of a generic European accent doesn't really make sense. It would be like trying to identify an American accent as American. Is it New England American, southern American, midwest American, Minnesota, etc.? There are just too many unique American accents

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  • There are a whole variety of European accents.

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    • I know but I, like many others, can't really identify that one. I asked dinz and they said it sounded "like the whole European Union".

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