Are religion and nudity compatible?

Because of a post here about Hinduismim, I looked it up and found that yes, some of it's practices include nudity.
Does Your religion allow it?
If you think it's wrong tell us why.

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  • whyd god give me these magnificently crafted genitals if he didnt want me to show em to the populace down at the post office?

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  • I suggest that you visit the Vatican Museums... with its treasure of nude paintings and statues. Then tour the Christine Chapel and be sure to ask why they have painted fig leaves decades later on many of Michelangelo's painted figures. Nudity was certainly accepted by the church when he painted them.

    There is no actual religious basis in either the Old or New testament that prohibits nudity.

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  • I'm pretty sure that protestant religions dont outright say anything about nudity being practiced in your own home. Really more of a practicality thing.

    Hot outside? Wear clothes

    Cold outside? Wear clothes

    Not a lot of situations where getting naked is the solution besides swimming... even then putting on clothing has benefits like fish not taking bites at your bits.

    As for the biblical arguments for it. From what I understand from the bible nudity is to imply purity but humans are naturally sinful since the garden of eden incident. Thus making it sinful to be naked. Though it's not out rightly said. Best case for the argument against nudity is Leviticus 18:6-23 but that's really more of a case of banning incest and sex outside of marriage rather than nudity itself.

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