Are online relationships weird?

If you saw them on video, heard their voice several times so you know they're real and you talk to them a few times a week.

Is that weird?

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  • Do you mean a romantic relationship?

    Not really, no.

    I think it's quite normal to meet someone online, but until it moves into meeting in real life it will never be a true relationship. You need to meet someone in person and feel their touch. That's how you know if it's the real deal. Until then, you're just penpals

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  • I mean internet friend sure. Internet relationship not so much.

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  • Really depends.

    My relationship started online, but once we worked out there were real feelings, the plan was always to end up together in person. It's increasingly normal to meet people online either through online dating or just common interest forums, etc.

    If you both have no intention of actually meeting...well...I don't see the point and people will shit all over you for it...but it's your life. If you're both on the same page and happy, then go for it.

    Idk if it'll last...I'd suspect eventually one of you will find a real life relationship and want that over the online.

    Edit: I'm assuming you mean romantic relationship, not just friendship relationship.

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  • It’s not really weird but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s hard to see the relationship as real when you can’t see or touch the person in real life.

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  • It wouldn't be my cup of tea, personally. I don't get the point of being in a relationship with someone you've never met in person, and who I'm assuming probably lives too far away to really interact with in person on a regular basis much, myself.

    There's also the fact that it's generally easier to be deceiving online than in real life. Important details about a person's life are more easily hidden (not that you're immune to this in real life, but it's very easy to put on a fake online persona and not quite as easy to live it in real life), and there's just something about meeting in person that gives you a certain "vibe" about a person, which can't really be felt over the phone, online, or in a video, to me.

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  • If you're an adult, yes. You should meet as soon as possible to see if there's any chemistry because if you can meet in person somewhat easily it's normal. I had one when I was 16 and I don't consider that a relationship now because we never met.

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  • the issue is I believe romantic relationships are built upon two aspects, the emotional aspect and physical aspect. Were humans, sex brings people together and helps form bonds. And I don't necessarily mean fucking, but hugging, cuddling, kissing, whatever it is. Its hard to have that for online relationships, which may make it hard to maintain. But ngl, i've seen some relationships that started that way and ends with the two meeting up irl and having a strong emotional connection then usual couples, so idk. its not something i would do but you do you.

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  • Yes it can be in some ways.

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  • I have a few e-friends who I talk to on a regular basis, but I have never met any of them as most live in Europe and that is an expensive friendship hang out. ( but I do really want to meet them someday).

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  • The key is that you know they are real...

    Then it gets down to do you share an interest in something?

    Most real friendships in your life are platonic (non-sexual)... so yes its totally normal.

    I hope you get a chance to meet some day... I've tried to so that - even if its what looks like a once in a lifetime meeting because they are in another country...

    You can never have enough real friends.... They give you someone to talk to about the ups and downs of life... which is so very important.

    Enjoy life, and prosper...

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  • What's the point wasting time on someone you not gonna bang?

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